Teriyaki Sushi Bowl

Holey Wakame! I had zero time to make dinner last night, so in the time it took me to cook the rice in the rice cooker, and for Art to set the table and help me with cucumber slicing, this deconstructed Teriyaki Sushi Bowl was miraculously created! I admittedly forgot to include the edamame beans I was craving, but I'll have them with the leftovers today for lunch. I totally used a teriyaki marinade and a pre cooked BBQ chicken to make this meal happen, and I'm totally ok wi

Evie's Apricot and Coconut Squares

Evie and I made this one up this morning. Just a harmonious mixture of dried fruit, coconut oil and oats, smashed together in a food processor. A lovely little, chewy snack on the go at the park, or at home in between playing "tea" or having a swim. My toddler in particular is a busy little monster, I'm always losing her in the house (mostly in wardrobes), or chasing her at the park - we've had many near misses of being taken out by those metal whirly things or someone on a s

Avo nice meal

I have 2 teenagers (step), so you can just imagine the amount of insta-worthy smashed avocado we consume (insert face slap). So when I'm making burrito bowls, I literally need to bags the avos for the guacamole. Burrito Bowls are a winner with the fam-bam, we get to build our own, choose from a range of ingredients, take pride in the beauty of our prepared bowl and have an excuse to use our fingers which means we get to feel the texture of our food. Tuesday nights are tight,

Slow Cook Inspiration - Pulled Pork Asian Style with Egg Noodle and Yours Truly Broth

Do you find it easier to get dinner prep done in the morning or even the night before? Are you a fan of the old crock pot, but running out of juicy ideas to fill it with? Well, this baby is going to last you two nights (yep!), is seriously delicious, and makes for a refreshing change. You might need to visit the shops to make sure you've got all the ingredients, and once you do check out this recipe below. Ingredients • Good Looking shoulder of pork (about 1.5-2kg) • 3 tbsp C

Hump day Cannelloni

Ah hump day, here already and gone already? So much of my cooking right now is about trying to be really (whilst simply) nutrient dense, but really it's about trying to actually get a meal on the table that everyone enjoys! And so this very quick, high fibre high protein cannelloni hopefully does just that! All ingredients are from Aldi, and I got them all at the start of the week during my weekly shop. The only prep I really needed to do was remember to take out the frozen s